Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Social media for job hunting - help!

Right so things are stepping up a gear... November is near and that means it is only one month before my job searching takes the next step!

I am really hoping to use social media in my job searching, but would love some direction/guidance on how to do this - how cheeky can I be? Do you think using social media such as Twitter is appropriate? I have LinkedIn and this is a brilliant tool...!

Any suggestions or guidance that anyone has would be greatly received! If you have any tips please tweet me or email me

So this week is manic - so much work to do! Today I finished my first assignment of this year and now can move on to the next - it is all go this side of Christmas with deadlines every few weeks! I am really enjoying this year though, even if it is hard work! My next assignment is a product concept on a new product idea...! Wish me luck!

This Thursday is Halloween! I am still unsure if I will be going out or not (it's not my favourite night of the year, I get a bit scared!!) but we are going to be doing some scary-themed food! I am going to dress up as a bat! What are your plans for Halloween? Love it or hate it?!

Ciao x


  1. I'd say try your best. There is a huge amount of jobs that often get discussed/chatted about on FB, so yeah, why not!

    Also, follow people from the companies you like, follow their companies, and see if you can discuss it with them.


    Best of luck!

  2. Hi Sami,

    Thanks for your response! I am going to start looking in FB for jobs as well as LinkedIn.

    Thank you for your advice! :)