Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Deadlines are looming...!

What a week it has been! I have been so busy with deadlines looming, lots of research and assignment writing has taken place!

I have read SO MUCH this week it's untrue but I have loved it all! So much knowledge has been taken in! And as a plus I got three of my course textbooks so I now don't have to rely on the library! Happy days!

So my favourite book at the moment is:

Marketing Management by Kotler, Keller, Brady et al.

Highly recommend this for everyone who wants to read more about Strategic Marketing Management. 

The focus this week has been on two things: 1. Researching how to enter a new product into an existing marketing 2. Carrying out a career plan.

The first of these has been tough... I really struggled to come up with an innovative new product that would fit in with the assessment criteria! But I think I may have finally cracked it! (Happy days!) Now I just have to hope that all my primary research works out okay...

The second of my main tasks was a lot easier! As part of one of my modules I have to create a career plan, which is something that is fairly clear in my mind anyway! I am hoping to start applying for jobs in December... so watch this space!

This week has required some extra effort because I wanted the weekend off (It's my birthday on Saturday!) and I fancied celebrating! (Better get cleaning before my parents come up!)

Hope everyone has had a lovely week!

Ciao x

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