Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Just a short post...

A pretty early blog post this week... But I have more time at the beginning of the week so hey ho!

A quick summary of the past while:
  • The cold has almost gone - hurrah!
  • Uni is well and truly underway
  • My room is pretty much finished with pictures/posters etc.
  • I have become obsessed with Pinterest
  • There is a need for more music in my life to keep me going through assignments - suggestions welcome!
  • And finally... I have drunk thousands of cups of tea!
So at the moment I am working on my Creative Management and Professional Development assignment - which looks at my work placement and focuses on the skills I developed during that year. One thing that I always find hard is 'bigging yourself up' without sounding big-headed! But it is a good assignment because it really helps identify the areas that I need/want to work on this year!

I have spent a small fortune on books as well this week - a classic student complaint about the price of them!! But I am sure they will help in the long-run - there's just a lot to be reading!

Just a short one today - lots to be doing!

Ciao x

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