Thursday, 17 October 2013

How social are you?

This week has flown by, nearly didn't have time to write an entry!

One of my tutors recently said that people choose how much information they give away about themselves on social media sites, which I found really interesting and it's been at the front of my mind for the past week or so.

I believe that I am fairly open with information if someone asks me for it via social media. I have this blog, Twitter and LinkedIn - on all of which people can contact me! I like to keep my Facebook private because that's only for my close friends to see all the pictures etc of me!

However, some companies are very closed off when it comes to using social media for doing exactly what it is meant to be for.... being social! I think companies should adopt their social media strategy so that customers are easily able to approach them for information etc. Being creative in how social media is used within an organisation really sets them apart from competition. Personally, I use Facebook and Twitter to ask companies questions, let them know when I am unhappy with them etc. I mean why not?! But you would be surprised by how many do not even reply over this channel! I am not going to name and shame these companies but I am sure you have had similar experiences!?

On the other hand there are those organisations which are incredible with being social with customers and I LOVE IT! <3 Thumbs up to them!

So things that have happened this week include:
  • Lots of reading (but now I can actually read with my new glasses!)
  • Assignment has been fully planned and is now in progress...
  • Enterprise Society Launch - I am on the committee and we had a fantastic launch night with lots of budding entrepreneurs attending! Some brilliant entrepreneurs from Sheffield came along to tell us about their start ups - check out their twitter pages here: Big Live Event and The Expo People.
  • The job hunt continues...!
I have training for becoming a student rep tomorrow as well which I am looking forward to! Then getting the train home for a Mexican Fiesta birthday party for my friend! (It's all go!)

Hope you have all had a fabulous, albeit drizzly, week!

Ciao xx 

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