Sunday, 3 November 2013

Work hard...

....Play Hard!

Okay so I am not going to lie, final year at uni is tough - but if anything I think it is shaping me into a stronger and more independent individual.

My blog posts seem to be getting shorter because I feel guilty for taking time off from doing work! But I have decided that I need to have breaks so this can be part of them.

Assignments are in full swing, my first one is complete and ready to hand in on Wednesday. The second one is due in on the 15th, and I have started it this weekend... The library and I are becoming best friends it seems! (Can I move in?!) Five assignments are in before Christmas...! YIKES!

Alongside these assignments I have been doing a lot of reading, both the prep reading for my seminars and reading around different subjects for my assignments and to boost my theory. I find it really interesting to read differing opinions on marketing matters such as market segmentation etc.

So far final year has been great, albeit a bit stressful! I put a lot of added pressure onto myself because I want to know that I have tried my absolute hardest - then I will be happy no matter what degree classification I get, because I will know that I couldn't have done any more!

Anyone who tells you that final year as a Marketing student is a breeze is either lying, abnormally clever, or didn't do much work! But hey don't judge me, I am only human, of course things are going to be difficult and times are going to get tough. Every now and again I might need a good cuppa and a little rant about how hard this year is!

If anyone else is feeling the stress so far in final year, I sympathise! We need to make the most of our time at uni though, so remember to work hard, but also play hard(ish).

Have a lovely week ahead.

Ciao x

p.s here is a funny cat because this was an intense post!

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