Sunday, 2 June 2013

June already!

2,500 words of my assignment are done, the sun is out, and I feel like an ice cream is in order!

My SMART Action plan is almost complete, although I am still considering needing to add one more action in to it...! Now the time has come to add in more theory/academic referencing to back up what I have achieved this year and how other businesses are choosing to do similar practices. So far I have a fair amount to back up the social media side of things, and I am reading up on the others via books and our online uni library tool. Luckily when it comes to referencing I don't find that too time consuming to put in all the author details etc.

So once the 21st June comes around this assignment will be handed in, along with my 'Reflection and Review' booklet and feedback from my placement!

Having been up to Sheffield for the final time this academic year, it felt very odd saying goodbye to some people who I will not be seeing when I return in September! Most of my friends have managed to get jobs in Sheffield, so I am sure I will see them at the weekends etc. however there are a few who are moving back home! I cannot believe that in a year's time this will be me - it only seems like yesterday I was packing up boxes to move to Sheffield as a Fresher!! How time flies when you are having fun!

Anyone who is taking your A-levels GOOD LUCK! I would love to hear what your plans are for after you finish school - anyone planning on going to Sheffield Hallam or Uni of?

Anyway, back to the assignment I go - only another 1,000 words to go now.........!

Ciao x

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