Saturday, 22 June 2013

Assignment - Complete.

My assignment is finished! Hurrah!

After a stressful week of getting this finished, tidied up and ready to be handed in I have finally done it! Lots of research on social media was done, which I loved reading about and found very interesting! Friday evening was a wee celebration with a meal and a glass of vino!

Tomorrow is the Milton Keynes Dragon Boat Race, which is going to be brilliant! I am going to be rowing in the work boat...fingers crossed we don't come last! Hopefully it won't rain, although I am sure we will end up drenched either way!

Now everyone's placements are coming to an end...and my time is coming soon :(
I don't want it to end! Next academic year is coming around very fast - I am going to get the keys for my flat in a couple of weeks! now I need to have a little rant about The Apprentice! This week was the advertising week and what can I say! It was shocking! In my opinion it really does not help women in business - all they seem to do is get catty with each other! And Herbert...WHAT?!

Anyway, now that my assignment is finished I have more time to blog so hopefully this will become more frequent! (Not sure if that is a good thing?!)

Ciao for now! x

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