Sunday, 16 June 2013

What a week!

This week has been brilliant and oh so busy!

I went away with work for a few days to two events, one in Cardiff and one in Crawley - such a good time! It was great to meet customers and get to see the products that I read about in action! I met some fantastic people from both the company I am on placement with and others that we work with. (If any of you read this it was a pleasure to meet you - 'Sheffield' is definitely a good nickname to get!!) The week was very full on and left me tired - I was falling asleep like a nodding dog on the way home!

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On Saturday there was no lie in as my alarm went off at half 6 for me to get a coach to London! We walked around London, saw many of the landmarks and acted like tourists! Lunch was at Garfunkels which I would highly recommend! Then the highlight of the day... We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theater, Tottenham Court Road. Now, it was the second time I saw this, but it was just as good the second time round as the first!

Today has been spent with my family at a 40th birthday BBQ, along with Prosseco, Badminton and sunshine! I have to admit that I am exhausted, and tonight will definitely be an early one!

I was gutted that when I was away with work I had my Yahoo email hacked - twice!!! I can only  apologise to anyone who received any spam from me - please just delete it! Yahoo have let me down, their security is appalling and I have now decided to move my emails across to a new account - if you would let my new email address please let me know!

I am now into the final week of assignment, the deadline is this Friday coming so I will be shut away making the final touches and re-reading everything! Celebrations can take place on Friday night though with a glass of something!

And finally...

Has anyone seen this music video?! If anyone is able to explain it to me I will be so grateful!

Have a great week! Ciao x

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