Thursday, 8 May 2014

Now we've come to the end of the road...

It is emotional times all round at the moment... such a rollercoaster I feel like this...

The first exam is done and out the way. One down and two to go! I now have a few days before the next two exams so those are going to be filled with pure revision! My next exam is an open book one, so I am currently preparing all the notes to take in with me to that! It's based on a parcel delivery company, which is an industry that I don't have a lot of existing knowledge on (better get reading!)

The realisation that I am having to fully grow up is scary! The future awaits me with open arms and it's scary going into the unknown... I am sure others will be feeling the same and will be able to relate to what I mean. Need to get my Beyonce mode on and become a strong independent woman! (Anyone who knows me well will get the reference!!) I think Blink 182 pretty much sums it up in their song Dammit, heading back to secondary school for this one!

So after exams I need to find a way of moving out my flat in Sheffield! Crazy how quickly that's coming about! I am trying to make the most of my time here but it's running away! Lots of pictures have been taken as I am going to try to build a photoalbum of my years at uni! (If I ever find the time!!)

Back to the revision! Ciao for now x

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