Monday, 24 March 2014

Exams and the final push...

There are three weeks left at uni now, and my exam timetable has been released too! Things are really getting intense now so might not be blogging a lot...! With group work due in over the next couple of weeks and my final assignment well underway, there is a lot going on! Plus revision! 

Woah, and breathe!

So it is the final push now for achieving my degree and it's going far too quickly! Time seems to be running away! I have made myself a revision timetable so I am hoping that will help me with all the reading up etc.

To help me with my revision I will be drinking gallons of tea, eating some sneaky treats and listening to some fabulous tunes! Roll on the revision!

So other things which are happening include finally getting the keys for the house that I am moving into... It's been a long long long process but we are finally there and the decorating can begin!

Right so I think that is all on the update front for now... I expect I will be going quiet on the blog front for a couple of weeks but tweeting will still happen (all day, everyday)

Ciao for now xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Social Media Health Check

What a lovely weekend it has been with the sunshine! I have to admit that the sunshine streaming in my window makes working so much easier! This week I have been working on our final lot of group work and my final individual assignment, both of which are coming along okay so far!

So over the weekend/past few days I have spent a few hours having a social media health check - updating my LinkedIn, twitter etc for potential employers to have a good look at my online presence. No nasty surprises can be found and Facebook is well and truly locked-down as I like to keep this purely personal for my friends.

It still amazes me how some people act on twitter and Facebook, especially when employers are able to see everything you post! Maybe people just don't understand, I am not 100% sure! In this day I would be surprised if an employer didn't look at their employee's online profiles!

How's everyone's week been? I am hoping this sunshine continues (even though it requires a whole new summery wardrobe!)

Ciao xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Final Year Thank You's

It seems like an appropriate time to put out a blog to say a big thank you to all the people who have made university the time of my life...

Firstly, and most importantly, I have to thank my parents. Without them going to university wouldn't have been as possible. They are everything to me - my proof-readers, my additional bank, at the end of the phone at all times of the day and night, provided endless journeys up and down the M1, aided my job hunt and thousands more things... Alongside my parents needs to come my sister, who can now appreciate uni life in her first year! Her post, texts and phone calls mean a lot to me! Plus we send each other cat pictures on a regular basis!

Secondly has to come the boyfriend. My rock for six years, he's been through the whole uni experience with me... had to deal with tears when it's all got too much, visited me every other weekend, danced the night away with me, discovered the best chicken bar in the whole world! Here's to the next chapter of my life with you!

My uni friends. My stars! 
We have my flatmate who has had to endure seeing me in the mornings (zombie), she's also experienced meltdowns during deadlines, but she has taught me how to be her sous-chef! :) Wouldn't have been the same not living with her!
Having been on placement a lot of my friends had finished uni when I came back...but this hasn't stopped us still meeting up and visiting each other! True friends right there!! I have met some of the nicest people in final year and hope to stay friends with the "Lonely Larry" crew for many years!

Everyone who has provided me with work experience, without this final year would have been a lot harder. You gave me an insight into working life and what to expect when I graduate. You're knowledge and advice has helped me so much throughout my final year to apply the experience to my theory... plus you boosted my confidence 100%!

Next up come my tutors/lecturers for making my course so enjoyable in final year (pretty sure none of them will read this but still!) - I feel like I have been taught so much and they've made me really enjoy the modules! (Some have had me crying with laughter)

And finally everyone else who has given me advice/a laugh/ had a good night out with me/ tweeted me encouraging messages/ been in a society with me etc etc etc

Hopefully you all know who you are! Without you all uni just wouldn't have been the same!

Much love xx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Marching on together.... Into March

So March is well and truly here, and I have to be honest I have my fingers crossed for Spring to arrive along with some more sunshine! It would be so good to put the winter coat to the back of my wardrobe. It's scary just how fast time is going - 9 weeks left till exams start now! Crumbs!

To make everything even more real I have now received emails from uni about graduation! Can't believe it will be time to start thinking about booking tickets etc for that! Crazy! I am excited for it though! Seeing uni heading towards the end is really daunting, especially as it means one thing....

....time to step the employment search another five gears! My hope is that March will come along with it's sunshine, longer and lighter days, and lots of jobs will be posted! (wishful thinking maybe!) I have a firm plan on how I am going to go about my job hunt now that March has hit, with the help of my spreadsheets! Alongside the conventional applying for job positions online etc. I am planning on enhancing my use of social media, the contacts I have built up over the past few years and being slightly unconventional in my approach (this is a last resort!)

Fingers crossed! If anyone knows of any marketing/pr/social media jobs going any heads up would be appreciated ;)

Hope you have a great week! x

(p.s Anyone get the post title reference?!)