Tuesday, 20 May 2014

And that's a wrap...

So this is it, my time at university has come to a close! I have finished! I cannot believe how quickly it has gone! Honestly when people were telling me that your final year will fly by I didn't expect it would go this fast! Safe to say it's been an emotional rollercoaster of a year - we have had tears, stress and so much laughter.

The friends I have made this year are friends that I would like to think would be my friends for life (hopefully) and I have had some of the best times with them - even if it was in the library at goodness knows what time!

Exams are over (we shall see how I did in a couple of months time) and we have had our last course night out! I now have less than two weeks before I enter the 'real world' of work, along with moving into my beautiful house and starting my future! Crazy!

For my last "summer holiday" I have a few things planned including packing up my flat (sob), shopping at Meadowhall, visiting my little sister in London, my flatmates 22nd and going to see Katy Perry!

I cannot thank everyone who has supported me throughout my time at Hallam enough - my family, friends, tutors, placement and everyone else who has made my time here incredible. It is so sad to think that I won't be seeing some people ever again and others I won't see until Graduation...!

Roll on Graduation in November! 


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Now we've come to the end of the road...

It is emotional times all round at the moment... such a rollercoaster I feel like this...

The first exam is done and out the way. One down and two to go! I now have a few days before the next two exams so those are going to be filled with pure revision! My next exam is an open book one, so I am currently preparing all the notes to take in with me to that! It's based on a parcel delivery company, which is an industry that I don't have a lot of existing knowledge on (better get reading!)

The realisation that I am having to fully grow up is scary! The future awaits me with open arms and it's scary going into the unknown... I am sure others will be feeling the same and will be able to relate to what I mean. Need to get my Beyonce mode on and become a strong independent woman! (Anyone who knows me well will get the reference!!) I think Blink 182 pretty much sums it up in their song Dammit, heading back to secondary school for this one!

So after exams I need to find a way of moving out my flat in Sheffield! Crazy how quickly that's coming about! I am trying to make the most of my time here but it's running away! Lots of pictures have been taken as I am going to try to build a photoalbum of my years at uni! (If I ever find the time!!)

Back to the revision! Ciao for now x

Friday, 2 May 2014

Exam stress busters...

My first exam is NEXT WEEK, and yes I am revising but I needed a 5 min break so I am writing this and having a cup of tea. Nobody panic but the countdown is well and truly here, there's only 4 days to go before I will be sitting in a hall with sweaty palms so I won't be able to hold my pen properly...

Having not done an exam since before my placement year I am in a slight panic about writing non-stop for 2 hours... Preparing for cramp/hand spasms! And the 'rules' seem to have changed an awful lot in the past year, so let's hope I don't break any of those!

Right so today is a quick post about different coping methods of exam stress/worries, with my top tips!

1. Drink lots of tea!
As you may know I love love love tea. Therefore I drink a lot of it whilst revising, plus making a brew takes you away from reading and straining your eyes. Green or fruit tea is a great detox too so I have stocked up on my berries teabags!

2. Buy some good dunkers!
Find your perfect biscuit to accompany your tea! (Note this does not apply to green/fruit tea, obviously)

3. Eat lots of 'brain foods'
For example salmon and greens - YUM (instantly Einstein?)

4. Have a kit-kat or Diet Coke (aka break)
Thrown a little bit of marketing in there with the classic break snacks...? But yes, lots of breaks to absorb what you have read/written and to stop you wanting to have a sob...

5. Celebrate after exams!
Pretty self explanatory....
We are going to the pub after our last exam I think, it's the light at the end of the tunnel.

Right I am heading back to hit the books now... Notecards are EVERYWHERE

Good luck to anyone else taking exams!

Ciao xx

(p.s thanks to my flatmate for inspiring the post title...)