Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello 2014! Here's the first blog for this year...! Any sore heads after celebrations last night? I went to a 'onesie party' as a Monkey, which was fantastic! 

The Christmas holidays have been brilliant! I have loved being home and seeing family/friends, eating (probably a bit too much!) and catching up on everything! Santa was very generous this Christmas, I think I must have been on the 'nice list'...!

Right so I thought I would use this first blog to see what everyone's plans/resolutions/goals etc are for 2014? Feel free to share with me on the comments below!

So far mine are...
- Finish my degree
- Move in with the boyfriend (big step)
- Secure a graduate job
- Lose weight

- Show my family and friends how much they really mean to me
- Visit my sister at uni in London
- Start going running

And I am sure more will pop into my mind soon! I have a big list for the wall as my motivation whilst at uni.

I am aiming to blog once a week where possible...please keep reading if you are interested!

So finally, here is to 2014 being a great year for you all!

Ciao xx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Merry Christmas...

...and a Happy New Year!

Here is one last post before Christmas to say thank you all for reading my blog and to wish you a lovely Christmas! Time to enjoy the festivities, time with family and indulge in lots of lovely food!

I will be returning with a new post in 2014!

For the time-being you can keep up to date with my goings on here!


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas is just around the corner....!

Right it has been a while but I am back with another post...! It's been a manic couple of weeks with deadlines, Christmas get-togethers and starting to pack for going home for Christmas! I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone...! And I worked out that there are only 12 weeks timetabled once we are back in January before our exams start! Crumbs!

I wouldn't have got through this semester without my Dad at the end of the phone and my friends (thanks for dealing with my breaking down!). This year is a tough one, but is worth it :) I have loved all the modules (bar one) so far, and cannot wait to continue with them in 2014!

I am just finishing off my last assignment, which is a "Springboard into Work" report on how I plan to look for graduate employment etc. It's been interested to write and look at all the different methods of looking for jobs! I managed to get a big section about #northantshour and #MKHour into my work, which I thought was pretty impressive!

So Christmas is literally just around the corner, and I haven't really started my Christmas shopping (so bad, I know!) All I have got is a few bits and bobs here and there... Meadowhall is getting a visit on Friday..Warning to other shoppers that I will be a woman on a mission so don't get in my way!

What are everyone's plans for Christmas? Going away? Family? FOOD!?

I am going home to spend Christmas with my family (and Cat) - I cannot wait! So excited to see everyone! I also have my boyfriend's family coming over for Christmas Eve (first time in six years!!)

Ciao xx

Monday, 2 December 2013


This week has been stressful to the max with deadlines etc. so I do apologise that this isn't a very long post!

In my Marketing Communications module this week we were looking at adverts which have been banned by the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency). Each person in the seminar brought in an example and I cannot believe how shocking some of them were! How do they even get produced in the first place?!

The example I took along can be seen here - hilarious, but totally inappropriate! Other examples included Pot Noodle and KFC.

So talking of adverts, Christmas has well and truly taken over the telly! Has anyone seen this advert by Harvey Nichols?

I am really not sure what to think of it! I mean it is good, and I understand it but is the message right for this time of the year? Surely we should be giving to those we love and cherish rather than spending on ourselves?!

I don't know about you but I am thoroughly looking forward to the Christmas break now! Final year is by far the toughest yet and I am ready for some Christmasy food, drink and merriment!

Ciao x

p.s Anyone got their Christmas decorations up yet? We have! :D