Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A virtual postcard...


I am currently living it up in France on holiday (don't all be too jealous!) Having finished my placement I am taking two weeks to chill, drink vino and eat cheese...along with swimming and sight- seeing! The weather is perfect and I am praying for a tan rather than a burn... Pass me the factor 30!

I am now looking for some additional work experience to broaden my experience in different areas of marketing, such as agencies, departments and different industries. This will be for between a few days and a week before I return to Sheffield for my final year! Hopefully it will allow me to get a better understanding of what I want to do when I graduate!

Anyway... Back to the pool! 

Au revoir! xx

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The emotional one...

So it is official... I have had my last day on placement :(

Very emotional!! I cannot thank everyone enough, both at work and the other suppliers I worked with. You have all been so lovely and made me feel so welcome. The knowledge that I am going back to university with means so much and will come in very useful! I have handed the baton over to the new intern and wish her every success!

The send off I got was so overwhelming, no idea how I held it together! I hope everyone stays in contact :)

I know this is a short one but it had to be done...! Now on to the holiday packing and last minute panicking of not having something critical!

Ciao x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

A weekend of parties

This weekend included my leaving night out for the end of my placement which is coming up on Thursday this week - crikey! It was a great night though and despite the horrendous blisters I managed to get I had so much fun!

The holiday packing has started this weekend - my room looks like a tip with clothes, bottles of suncream, and goodness knows what else all over the bed! I try to be organised when it comes to packing the "essential items" for holidays (how many pairs of shoes is acceptable!?) but apparently this year I have just made a big mess! Ooops!

So excited for holiday time though - sun, pool, relaxing and tanning/burning!

Last night we hosted a night out for a Spanish exchange student - showing him some of the "delights" of Northampton and part of our student culture. I think he enjoyed it which is the main thing...!

I am not so sure where the summer weather has gone for now...BBQ plans for tonight will hopefully still go ahead! Today I am off to hopefully get some lush tea and coffee from Pinks Fine Foods - if you love tea as much as I do definitely check them out!

Ciao for now x

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Strawberries and Cream

This weekend has been so chilled I have absolutely loved it! A few Pimms and a BBQ has been heavenly! And we have also been strawberry picking where we managed to get 4kg of them! Lush.

So I have caught up on The Apprentice - WOW. I am not going to say who is in the final as I know some people still won't have seen it....but I am shocked! I cannot believe that the business plans wouldn't have been vetted before the candidates were accepted onto the show so how on earth did that one get through? (If you have seen it you will know who I mean!) Cannot wait for the final now!

As an aside... has anyone seen this?! I cannot actually believe my eyes and ears... Speechless!

This week is a busy one with catching up with friends, Zumba and finalising some holiday bits. I cannot believe I have less than 2 weeks left on placement now...it is all going too quickly! Friday night will be a few leaving drinks before saying farewell next Thursday! Now is definitely the time to start handing out my business cards to potential contacts!

Enjoy your sunny afternoon :)

Ciao x

Monday, 8 July 2013



I am looking for an IT student from Sheffield Hallam/Uni of Sheffield assist and do some website development for me. I want to add some exciting content to my own website to get it up and running!

Obviously I am a poor student (boohoo) so this will be unpaid, however it will look great on your CV and I am happy for you to use it in any portfolios etc.

I have a lot of ideas on what the website should include/look like but not 100% sure on how to achieve it!

This will be for September/October time once we are all back at uni and settled in/got over freshers flu! 

If you are interested please email me: hello@hcsocialmatters.co.uk

Ciao x

Twitter: @helenchick91
LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/helenchick

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Summer Bucket List

What a long journey it is to Scotland...! I hadn't appreciated just how far away it was! Having traveled up via Sheffield to get the keys to my flat for next year (which is gorgeous and I am so excited to live there with Anna!) the journey took about 5 or 6 hours and was very warm! The weather this weekend has been lovely though, perfect for the Wimbledon final! 

So on the journey back today I have made a list of things that I want to achieve between Monday and going back to uni...and I am determined to do them all! I am thinking of this as my "bucket list for the summer!"

They include:
  • Finish my placement, accompanied with an evening out for goodbyes :(
  • Get more work experience
  • Holiday
  • Catch up with friends before they go back to uni/start a job/go travelling
  • Bridesmaid in August for THE wedding of 2013
  • Tidy out all my things for the flat and get anything else I need
  • Visit family
  • See the Skatoons gig again - check them out if you like Ska!
  • Go to the seaside
  • Go to London to be a true tourist
  • Stay up and watch the stars come out
And much much more... I am sure I will just keep adding to it as I go along!

Please comment below if you have any other ideas etc for this list! This is my last long summer (hopefully) so I want to make the most of it!!!

Here's to a sunny week ahead.

Ciao x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Klout and other stuff...

Okay...So I have explored Klout and my current Score is 43 (not sure if this is good or not?!)

This site looks pretty good, so far I have connected my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to it - apparently FB hasn't connect yet though...! The topics seem to be areas that I have mentioned on Twitter a lot - personally love that Beyonce is listed as one of them! Hopefully I will get interacting more on LinkedIn and Twitter to up my score over the next few months! It is interesting looking at who has higher scores that I do and what they appear to be doing differently to me!

Does anyone else have this site and logged in? I am interested to hear your scores and what you think of the site! I think it could be a bit pointless but still fun!

I am off to Scotland for a long weekend, so I will be back next week with more fun times from the Marketing Student....

Happy Hump Day for tomorrow (Wednesday for those who do not know this expression!).

Ciao x