Monday, 5 August 2013

Marketing reading...

Before I head back to uni in September I am after a few books to read about marketing theories, these could include strategy, planning etc. but I need some advice on what to buy/get out the library (yes I still use a library!!)

If you have any suggestions I would be so grateful! Please either comment below or tweet me @helenchick91 with your recommendations!!

Your help means a lot to me!

Have a great week everyone!!

Ciao x


  1. I would recommend 'The Marketing Director's Handbook' Very practical and brings the most relevant theory into it. Well worth a read through and you can definitely quote it in assignments/exams! Looks into all aspects of marketing and flows really nicely!

    The guys who wrote it are based in Buckinghamshire too! Let me know if you read it and what you think!!

  2. Hi Ashleigh,
    That's a great recommendation - thanks! I will definitely pop this on my reading list (going to look for it in the library!)
    I will let you know what it's like!