Monday, 19 August 2013

Uni Prep...

So in just over a month it will be time for me to head back up North to Sheffield to start my final year at Hallam! It has come around so quickly!! Now that I have started to pack up my belongings into bags and boxes I thought I would write a blog on what I think - from my experience - are some of the necessities for your first year in halls/a uni house! (Bear in mind these are only a few suggestions and there's all the obvious bits and bobs!)
  • Door stop - Keep your door open so everyone can say hello an you can meet your new flatmates!
  • Tissues - I cried when my parents left and I am not ashamed to admit it! (Even guys can get upset...)
  • Cash - to head straight out later that night
  • Screwdriver - sounds odd but you would be surprised how often I ended up using the multitool gadget I have!
I feel like a fresher again now! If anyone is going to Sheffield let me know! I wish all freshers the best of luck - work hard, but play hard too!

Any questions let me know! @helenchick91 or email

Ciao x

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