Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter break

Well what a busy week it has been!

I have now officially finished all timetabled uni and am on my Easter break! Last Thursday we had our Leavers Ball, which was a brilliant night and I am so pleased I was part of the team who organised the event!

I would like to say that I am off relaxing for 2 weeks but sadly that just isn't the case! It's all about revision now! Having finished my final assignment I am now hitting the books and trying to cram everything I have learnt since September onto note cards and into my head....

So this week I have been trying to get the new house sorted... Painting, sorting and throwing out things that I never knew we had! Fingers crossed we will be ready for a house warming soon!! I've also been to London to see my not-so-baby sister at uni. My plan is to get lots of work done this week so I can enjoy the Easter bank holiday with my family and friends!

Seeing as revision isn't the most scintillating thing in the world I am drinking gallons of tea, listening to some classic tunes and trying to sit out in the sunshine to prevent looking more ghost like! If anyone has any suggestions of tunes to listen to that would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Easter everyone. Let's hope it's a lovely, sunny weekend (I plan on getting the BBQ out!)

Ciao, from the Easter Chick ;) x

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