Sunday, 2 March 2014

Marching on together.... Into March

So March is well and truly here, and I have to be honest I have my fingers crossed for Spring to arrive along with some more sunshine! It would be so good to put the winter coat to the back of my wardrobe. It's scary just how fast time is going - 9 weeks left till exams start now! Crumbs!

To make everything even more real I have now received emails from uni about graduation! Can't believe it will be time to start thinking about booking tickets etc for that! Crazy! I am excited for it though! Seeing uni heading towards the end is really daunting, especially as it means one thing....

....time to step the employment search another five gears! My hope is that March will come along with it's sunshine, longer and lighter days, and lots of jobs will be posted! (wishful thinking maybe!) I have a firm plan on how I am going to go about my job hunt now that March has hit, with the help of my spreadsheets! Alongside the conventional applying for job positions online etc. I am planning on enhancing my use of social media, the contacts I have built up over the past few years and being slightly unconventional in my approach (this is a last resort!)

Fingers crossed! If anyone knows of any marketing/pr/social media jobs going any heads up would be appreciated ;)

Hope you have a great week! x

(p.s Anyone get the post title reference?!)