Monday, 24 March 2014

Exams and the final push...

There are three weeks left at uni now, and my exam timetable has been released too! Things are really getting intense now so might not be blogging a lot...! With group work due in over the next couple of weeks and my final assignment well underway, there is a lot going on! Plus revision! 

Woah, and breathe!

So it is the final push now for achieving my degree and it's going far too quickly! Time seems to be running away! I have made myself a revision timetable so I am hoping that will help me with all the reading up etc.

To help me with my revision I will be drinking gallons of tea, eating some sneaky treats and listening to some fabulous tunes! Roll on the revision!

So other things which are happening include finally getting the keys for the house that I am moving into... It's been a long long long process but we are finally there and the decorating can begin!

Right so I think that is all on the update front for now... I expect I will be going quiet on the blog front for a couple of weeks but tweeting will still happen (all day, everyday)

Ciao for now xx

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