Sunday, 23 February 2014

A typical day...

I have had a bit of writers block recently... trying to think of things to write about etc. So this week I have decided to give you an insight into my life as a final year student. I am hoping that with this post I will be able to clear up any misconceptions that my life is one big party just because I am a student (It's like 10% partying!)

Just to set the scene...
So since coming back from placement a lot had changed, I was suddenly a lot more confident, however a lot of my friends were no longer at uni due to not doing a placement or not being on the same course as me! Therefore I now live in a lush 2 bed flat with my fabulous flatmate Anna. On my course I have a lovely close friendship group, although it's sad that it is only now that we are really getting to know each other.

Right so being a final year student is tough and there is a lot of work! 

A typical day for me involves getting up ready for uni at 9am... going into uni for a few hours to attend lectures/seminars.... a spot of lunch... working on my assignments etc... applying/looking for jobs....and I carry on working till about 10pm (I do stop to watch Corrie and eat dinner with my flatmate!!!)

Recently there's been a lot of group work so that's involved working in the library till gone 8pm each night with the groups (big shout out to the Destiny's Child group).

So after uni I come home or to the library and carry on with the reading, assignments and starting now revision will be added to that list! I am also part of the Enterprise Society and Leavers Ball Committee so there are planning meetings for these each week too!

At the weekends it's pretty non-stop too! I spend every other weekend seeing the boyfriend, but otherwise I make sure all my reading, revision and job applications get done! Plus the washing and tidying my room!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this year and (almost) everything I am learning is so useful and interesting! There seems to be some misconception that just because we are students we are partying all the time, but let me tell you there just isn't the time in final year! Some people will disagree I am sure but for me it's a couple of nights out a month for birthdays!

When bedtime comes around I am a happy bunny!

Having done a placement year I fully appreciate working hours and how much effort is needed to be put into work... I am so glad I have experienced that and have been able to keep up the mentality of getting up and working (most of the time!)

Ciao x 

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