Thursday, 28 February 2013

A day trip to London well spent...

Yesterday I went to the highly anticipated Technology For Marketing and Advertising 2013 event in London Earls Court. Did it deliver? Hell yes it did.

As a placement student who had never been to an event like this before, it took me a moment to get over the overwhelming size of the venue and the sheer number of booths there, and I was amazed that everyone who had gathered under this one roof were the people I am inspiring to be!

As my job role and interest is primarily social media I focused on the seminars that would give me the most info about it.

The first seminar I attended was titled: "I'm social, my brand isn't...oops" which gave me an invaluable insight into thee differences between individual and business social media accounts. The speakers were so refreshing and I came out of the seminar ready to get the communication following and the relationships growing!

Secondly, I attended "The Social Break-Up" which gave me an idea into why contacts choose to unfollow/unsubscribe to companies.

Finally I learnt all about getting personalisation right. I learnt how the adverts on my Facebook page are supposedly targeted to me (although the adverts don't work on me!)

All in all it was a fabulous day and tweeting #TFMA throughout the day led to some lovely new followers on my twitter account.

Great minds really did come together!

I would love to know if you were there and what you thought about the day so please comment below!

Ciao x

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