Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Time for a chat?

Question: When was the last time you have a good old chinwag with someone on the phone? 

Really think about it. Can't remember?

Well neither can I, and I have to admit that I am ashamed of it. This blog is my heartfelt campaign to get the nation chatting again! Forget the odd text here and there, or sending a message on Facebook - now is the time for talking!!

Don't get me wrong, I am willing to admit that I am a huge fan of Social Media and all things technological, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I put aside half an hour to have a catch up with someone over a phone call. Have tweets and status updates become the only way of communicating what is going on in our lives?! And what happens about speaking to the older generation who think birds are the only tweeters?

Food for thought here. Now I am off to call everyone I know :)

Ciao x

p.s Here is my cat x

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