Monday, 21 January 2013

And so it begins...

Hello, and welcome to my blog!
I am new to all of this at the moment so please be kind...

A little bit about me...
I am a Business and Marketing student and I am currently on a placement year away from uni.

I love cats and zumba.
This blog will take you through my life as a marketing student (well what is left of it!)
Everything I write is my own opinion etc etc etc

I live on Social Media... both on a personal level and it is part of my job. I am currently in love with Pinterest, building up my boards and pinning all the time.

Hopefully I will be blogging on a regular basis (alongside a full time job and an uni assignment!) with an insight into my life, my work, my opinions on different business and marketing issues and maybe a sneaky picture or two of my cat if you are lucky!!

Ciao x

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