Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Joining the 21st Century...

I have decided that it is about time that I stepped up to meet modern lifestyles! So I am getting an iPhone!

Gone are the days of playing snake on my 3310 and having the simple functions of texting and making phone calls...that's right ladies and gentlemen, I can now tweet, check-in and facetime whilst on the train or eating my packed lunch!

And this got me I have all this technology and every social media channel in the palm of my hand, at what point does it become annoying? Do people care every time I check into Nandos? Do people want to see pictures of snow? (Admit it, you know the snow updates bug you!)

I follow a lot of companies on Twitter/Facebook who are constantly posting things which have little interest to me. So far I have managed to avoid them whilst I am away from my computer, but now they are sitting in my pocket just waiting for me to take a glance - does this lead to me unfollowing? Only time will tell.

So I ask you all, next time you want to check in to "my crib", please spare a thought for those of us who actually do not care!

Ciao x

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