Sunday, 26 January 2014

Which year wins?

If you are a final year student you may be able to relate to this - over the past week we have been trying to decide which year at uni has been the best one.

We are now only a few weeks from the end of uni before the exam period is here and this is causing all sorts of reminiscing...

Year 1
The first year at uni is incredible. As a fresher I was thrown into city life and loved it! After a minor hiccup at the start of the year I found a fantastic group of friends (the owls) and settled into my life as a student. In hindsight the course wasn't great...but other than that I loved it! We had some of the best nights out, nights in, birthdays, day trips out, the list is endless. Not only that but I was also exploring Sheffield, getting to know more and more places to go. Fantastic.

Year 2
This year all seems like a blur now. I lived in the coldest house ever - damp everywhere. This is the year where I would make the most changes (starting with the house) in what I did. My course was better, a lot more focused and I really enjoyed most of the modules. From December onwards I was looking for a placement for my sandwich year, and let me tell you this was not easy! I must have spent near £100 on train tickets, stamps and telephone calls... Nothing seemed to be happening! Then in July I managed to secure my placement, best feeling ever!

If anyone reading this is thinking about doing a placement or offering students placements I would love to hear from you!

Year 3
My placement year. What an experience! I absolutely loved being out in the workplace and seeing what I am working so hard to get a job in. Everyone on my placement was lovely and I cannot thank them enough for all that they did. They helped to shape my confidence, knowledge and gave me invaluable experiences.

Everyone who is offered the opportunity to do a placement year - I would recommend doing one so much!

Year 4
And then here we are - final year! How time has flown! This year is by far my favourite on my course. The modules are all marketing based, and the people on my course are fantastic. You can tell how much people have matured on placement and it makes such a difference to how we all work. Whilst there hasn't been much on the parties/going out side of things, my friendship groups are brilliant and I have explored more of Sheffield. This year is definitely the most stressful (there have been many tears) it is all worth it! Roll on graduation!

So which year wins? (Placement year isn't in the running as it is so different!)

For me I would choose year 1 and 4...
Freshers year can never be repeated and was such an experience, but final year has come around and I am more mature, love my course and live in a lovely flat (finally!)

Ciao x


  1. This is great Helen! I remember first year like it was yesterday! Absolutely loved freshers and so excited to head back to Sheffield in September for my final year! :)

  2. Thanks Charlie! I am sure you will love final year just as much as I have! It will fly by though! Hope placement is going well!