Tuesday, 21 January 2014

First of the lasts...

So the Christmas holidays are over and I am officially back in Sheffield! With only 12 weeks of timetabled lectures and seminars to go things are starting to get serious... This semester consists of three lots of group work for different modules, as well as starting part two of my Global Marketing assignment. Then after Easter we can say hello to exams!

Whilst this doesn't seem like a lot compared to the five assignments that I had before Christmas, it's still hard work and in a much shorter time frame for deadlines!

Anyway, over the holiday it dawned on me that I have now entered the "first of the lasts" whilst at uni...
  • Last birthday whilst at uni
  • Last Christmas whilst at uni
  • Last first term of uni
  • Last seminar for the module I have finished
  • etc etc etc
It's really sad to think that we are now experiencing the last time for these things, however at the same time it is exciting for what is still to come...! Therefore I have made my "Final year bucket list" - here are a few of what's on the list....
  • Finish degree (aim to get a 2:1 or higher)
  • Secure graduate job
  • Go on a the last bar crawl (I don't go out a lot anymore due to workload)
  • Go swimming at Ponds Forge
  • Go out to the Peak District
  • Go out in fancy dress (last time this is acceptable?!)
I really want to make the most of being a student (when I have the time around my work)!

Anyone got any suggestions of things to make sure I do before finishing?!

Ciao x

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