Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Final year, first week!

Hello there!

Well what a week it has been so far! Freshers is well underway, and so far the highlight has to be my first headphone disco (dancing in a silent room all wearing headphones is bizzare!). I have my first day in uni on Friday, which is a day to get us all back into the swing of it after a placement year! Cannot wait to see my course mates again!

I have actually spent this week unpacking and doing some work...! Shocking! I have dipped into a couple of marketing related books, updated my CV and starting thinking of ideas for one of my modules.

I have only just started back but I am already thinking about my career, and would love to get some advice from any employers who might read this - when would you recommend starting to apply for graduate positions? If anyone could give me advice I would be so grateful! (Obviously I don't want to seem too keen!)

Next week I am starting out on the Enterprise Society as the Communications officer - more about that to follow! And I am also considering joining the Tea Drinking Society... Watch this space!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Ciao xx 

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  1. Silent disco sounds great! hope they played some KLF ;o)