Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Klout and other stuff...

Okay...So I have explored Klout and my current Score is 43 (not sure if this is good or not?!)

This site looks pretty good, so far I have connected my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to it - apparently FB hasn't connect yet though...! The topics seem to be areas that I have mentioned on Twitter a lot - personally love that Beyonce is listed as one of them! Hopefully I will get interacting more on LinkedIn and Twitter to up my score over the next few months! It is interesting looking at who has higher scores that I do and what they appear to be doing differently to me!

Does anyone else have this site and logged in? I am interested to hear your scores and what you think of the site! I think it could be a bit pointless but still fun!

I am off to Scotland for a long weekend, so I will be back next week with more fun times from the Marketing Student....

Happy Hump Day for tomorrow (Wednesday for those who do not know this expression!).

Ciao x

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