Sunday, 21 July 2013

A weekend of parties

This weekend included my leaving night out for the end of my placement which is coming up on Thursday this week - crikey! It was a great night though and despite the horrendous blisters I managed to get I had so much fun!

The holiday packing has started this weekend - my room looks like a tip with clothes, bottles of suncream, and goodness knows what else all over the bed! I try to be organised when it comes to packing the "essential items" for holidays (how many pairs of shoes is acceptable!?) but apparently this year I have just made a big mess! Ooops!

So excited for holiday time though - sun, pool, relaxing and tanning/burning!

Last night we hosted a night out for a Spanish exchange student - showing him some of the "delights" of Northampton and part of our student culture. I think he enjoyed it which is the main thing...!

I am not so sure where the summer weather has gone for now...BBQ plans for tonight will hopefully still go ahead! Today I am off to hopefully get some lush tea and coffee from Pinks Fine Foods - if you love tea as much as I do definitely check them out!

Ciao for now x

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