Thursday, 23 May 2013

B2B v B2C

I recently read an article suggesting that marketeers in B2B are more confident and optimistic about their work than those in B2C. It cited that "42% of B2B marketeers report improving confidence over 12 months."

Do I agree? I am not 100% sure is the honest answer! The majority of my work/studies has been on B2B, and I believe that sometimes B2B Marketing can see more difficulties in reaching the target audience.

I have almost spent 12 months in a B2B environment and I can safely say that my confidence has flourished during that time, both personally and in my work.

Other stats state that the second most effective tactic within B2B marketing is content creation, however this is classed as one of the most difficult tactics to achieve. Social media success is also ranked high on the difficulty ladder. On the other hand, social media is classed as the easiest form of marketing when it comes to B2C.

What do you think? Which category do you fall into - B2B or B2C?

I think I will be able to have a true answer to this once I am in full time employment!?

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  1. There are key differences in marketing to these segments and I always believe that B2B has more challenges, primarily in getting & maintaining accurate data and profiling...sometimes its less 'sexy' - with lower marketing budgets and more accountability...but that makes it more rewarding too.