Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas is just around the corner....!

Right it has been a while but I am back with another post...! It's been a manic couple of weeks with deadlines, Christmas get-togethers and starting to pack for going home for Christmas! I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone...! And I worked out that there are only 12 weeks timetabled once we are back in January before our exams start! Crumbs!

I wouldn't have got through this semester without my Dad at the end of the phone and my friends (thanks for dealing with my breaking down!). This year is a tough one, but is worth it :) I have loved all the modules (bar one) so far, and cannot wait to continue with them in 2014!

I am just finishing off my last assignment, which is a "Springboard into Work" report on how I plan to look for graduate employment etc. It's been interested to write and look at all the different methods of looking for jobs! I managed to get a big section about #northantshour and #MKHour into my work, which I thought was pretty impressive!

So Christmas is literally just around the corner, and I haven't really started my Christmas shopping (so bad, I know!) All I have got is a few bits and bobs here and there... Meadowhall is getting a visit on Friday..Warning to other shoppers that I will be a woman on a mission so don't get in my way!

What are everyone's plans for Christmas? Going away? Family? FOOD!?

I am going home to spend Christmas with my family (and Cat) - I cannot wait! So excited to see everyone! I also have my boyfriend's family coming over for Christmas Eve (first time in six years!!)

Ciao xx

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  1. My daughters are coming to my house - bearing gifts (hopefully!!)...