Monday, 1 April 2013

Assignment time

Happy Easter! (sorry to be a day late!) I hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

I have indulged in Easter Eggs and been suffering from a cough all weekend, although there was still time to be the Easter Bunny!

With only 17 weeks left of my placement, panic is setting in...! During this time I have an assignment to write, flat to move into, and I have to realise that I will be leaving behind everyone from work! :(

And on top of this next year at uni is the final one...which means that it is the start of the rest of my life/ going back to being poor! (yikes!)

Anyway, the assignment. So the challenge of this is to write 3000 words of a 'critical evaluation written after careful reflection and research' - say wa? So far I have slowly been plodding through each of the sections making notes... Yawn. But it has to be done and I am getting into the right frame of mind to make this assignment AMAZING. (sorry for using that word Dad)

So basically I am after any words of encouragement to get me through this assignment... Cheeky request, but being cheeky is how to get through life à mon avis. Endorse me and I will use whatever I can in my assignment!

This is a load of waffle, keep reading though...these blogs will get better!

This is where the magic happens.
Ciao x

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  1. 'Critical Evaluation' those words make me shudder! Keep going though - break it down into sections and words per section and it will be done in no time!! :)